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Bostwick, Moreno, Guittard, Rose
Sounds While Selling

Sounds While Selling - Barry Bostwick, Rita Moreno, Laurence Guittard, Tom Batten, and George Connolly in the 1977 Town Hall concert of She Loves Me

Filed under She Loves Me Barry Bostwick Rita Moreno Laurence Guittard Tom Batten Production: 1977 Town Hall Concert Song: Sounds While Selling Performer: Barry Bostwick Performer: Rita Moreno Performer: Laurence Guittard Performer: Tom Batten Performer: George Connolly Character: Arpad Laszlo Character: Ladislav Sipos Character: Steven Kodaly Character: Ilona Ritter Character: Georg Nowack audio Where's my other queue?