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glitterandbegay replied to your post “I know Santino and Jessica said they wanted to be in it or something! (It’s on fyeahsantinofontana)”

Really, this show needs a STRONG leading man (which is why Boyd Gaines was so! important!). There aren’t a lot of people with Santino’s gravitas AND charm. I think there are SO many lovely Amalia possibilities who would work opposite him.

My first Georg was kind of nerdy and not an obvious STRONG leading man, and that totally had an effect on my preferences for an actor playing Georg.  It made me wary of Boyd Gaines, to be honest, but it made me LOVE Santino’s?  I can’t exactly put my finger on the quality I’m looking for, but like…Santino at first glance isn’t Stereotypical Leading Man but then he’s amaaazing and it’s all good? 

…the coherent short version of what I’m getting at is: Santino, from all I’ve heard, was a great Georg at Caramoor and I’ve never heard anyone say anything against his Georg, and everyone I have talked to about it says they’d be totally accepting of him being cast in the revival.

And though I have my Osnes bias, it’s true there are many totally wonderful ladies on Broadway who could be wonderful Amalias.

Filed under glitterandbegay Georg does seem slightly harder to cast to me? though I am opinionated on Amalia too just not as much as on Georg lots of Broadway leading men with the right vocal range would be awful as Georg discussion

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Laura Osnes and Santino Fontana Join the New York Philharmonic's 2014-15 Season - Theater News - Jul 16, 2014

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